OM NAMO VIGHNA RAJAYA

                                    SARVA SAUKHYA  PRADAYINE

In the words of my students…..

Durga Prasad Sir taught me Physics during my JEE preparation.He is a passionate teacher and has the ability to teach abtruse topics in an easily understandable way.His notes are concise and comprehensive and the problems he made us to solve in the class are quintessential.All I had to do for Physics in my JEE preparation was pay attention to what he says and refer to his notes later,once in a while.This facilitated in spending more time on other subjects and it turned out to be fruitful.Because of him I have a clear understanding of basic Physics concepts and it helped me a lot in my engineering studies as well.I am grateful and indebted to him for being my teacher.

– Brahmendra Reddy Yatham

IIT – KHARAGPUR (2011-15)

IIT-JEE 2011 AIR-705

I was a student under Prof Durga Prasad for Physics.He was one of the best lecturers who ever taught me. I,like every other student,got personal attention as and when I needed it,which included taking extra lectures even if it is for a single student. Prof Durga Prasad has the capability to break down even the most difficult concepts into simpler chunks and make them much easier to understand. Apart from this the professor teaches at a good pace ensuring that the portion is covered within record time,leaving enough time for revision. I had wonderful time learning Physics under Prof Durga Prasad Sir and I am greatful to him for making an apparently complex subject like Physics fun to learn!

– Sravya Jangareddy

IIT- BOMBAY (2011-15)

IIT-JEE 2011 AIR-745

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